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Handmade Beaded Necklace

Mankind has been stringing beads to create wearable art since antiquity, and seed beads have been used for the purpose across the globe. From the Red-Indian tribes in America to the Gypsies in Africa and the aboriginals in Australia, wherever humans found societies, the art of weaving seed beads to create jewelry followed.

This 30 rows statement necklace uses the same old technique of hand-weaving seed beads in color blocks, creating an ombre effect to make an extremely classy piece of art that is elegant to look, fabulous in feel, fun to wear, and connects us back to our origins.

Its bohemian looks make it just fit for the summer and is fine to go along with both your office wear for formal meetings as well as your regular evening casuals.

A must-have accessory for any fashion-conscious lady who values art and has a taste for class.

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